Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sunny Saturday

Today was the warmest day this year, as far as I am aware anyway! I did not get half of the jobs I had planned to do done. It was far too lovely being outside. I did some more gardening, mostly digging out weeds. The wild birds thought it was fantastic having worms to peck at every time I went away for a cup of tea!

The dogs lazed in the sunshine. My son took photos of pieces of his Honda Civic that he is selling on various Forums. Eldest daughter caught up on some school-related work and the youngest went off to a friends for a sleepover.

I planted up some cuttings of Mint for a school sale that is coming up in May. Herbs are always in demand....even Mint! And anyway it is so easy to root in jam jars of water.

I ended my day by taking E.D. up to ride the horse we share with it's owner. We had the Arena to ourselves and the coolest part of the day. Dinner was cooked when we returned home. Lazy evening.

The plants today are this Viburnum tinus, now lighting up the back border with it's white blooms, and the Berginia 'Bressingham White' at the top of my Blog, which always does well for us.

Lets hope tomorrow is a good day too.

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  1. Another agreeable day for all. Nice shots of favourite plants.