Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday Afternoon

This afternoon I had an hour or so to get some more tidying up done in the garden. How I wish I could tidy the house as easily, I would always rather spend time sorting things out Outside than inside!! 
I have pruned back a sprawling Rosa 'Max Graaf, and the bushy Rosa 'Felicia". I took cuttings from the Rubus cockburnianus and then cut half the plant down. I discovered that 'it' has sent out long roots giving rise to loads of baby shoots...... hopefully providing me with lots of new plantlets. I found  these purple primulas hiding under a plethora of dead sage stalks and removed last summer's decaying foliage from a clump of Hemerocallis.

My youngest daughter came up to me clutching a blue carrier bag full of seed packets. She had that look about her that said find me some plant trays and compost and I just might enjoy planting some of these. So I did and now we have trays of purple poppies, sunflowers, snapdragons and pot-marigolds lounging in the relative warmth of the greenhouse.

Once I had filled a large compost bag with dead leaves and prunings I called it a day and had a well earned coffee. Then I took the camera round the garden, recording what was new today, such as the Heleborus orientalis on the bank, some celendines and the busy bees and wasps out collecting nectar. My garden Robin sat in the Oak tree and sang the evening in. What a lovely way to end a day.