Thursday, 8 April 2010

In the garden

I went around the garden this afternoon looking at everything that is already in flower. I was surprised to find a few unexpected treasures as well as being glad that the narcissi, large and small, were lighting up the generally green landscape.

We have Pulmonaria, that beautiful blue with spotted, hairy leaves. There are some tiny blue Anemones, starry and innocent looking. The Chaenomeles has deep pink buds eager to burst into lush Quince-like blooms. The Forsythia has already covered itself with dairy-butter blossoms, stuck all along the straight, sky- reaching stems.The Pear tree in the back garden is becoming laden with buds, promising it'simple snowy white flowers, like a mini snowstorm. There is a creamy hyacinth, probably having been planted from pot once upon a time. It has survived under the shelter of a Rosa glauca and is both unexpected and fragrant. The tiny Chinodoxa, white-eyed blue, are hiding amongst the leaves of perennial 
geraniums. The ornamental currants are hanging their pendulous claret-redflowers amidst that particularly
aromatic foliage, which I can't say I like but there again I wouldn't be without at this time of year.
My stock-check of flowers today was a joy, it didn't take long but made me realise that there was a lot more going on out there than I have had chance to realise
whilst I have been at work recently. Thank goodness for holidays.

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  1. It's really good to see the plants coming back to life after the winter.

    Time to start work again!