Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Monday, Monday...

Some days are just meant to be doomed from the start. Today was one of those days. I have so much to do, jobs on an unwritten list full to bursting with things that need doing, preferably yesterday too!!

So what went wrong today? Well, I woke with a headache and that stayed till early evening. This made me feel weary and irritable, like all you want to do is curl up somewhere and go to sleep. Like a cat. Just needing to be left to get better and start over . The weather was lovely too, such a waste. My eldest daughter was away heather burning again, earning another £50 for her labours. Heather burning has to finish on Wednesday, after which it is deemed that Grouse get around to the busy work of nesting.

In the garden, however, life goes on. This Mahonia is beginning to flower now, lighting up the back of a border beneath the Pear tree. The narcissi are still doing well, keeping their heads up in this warm weather. My neighbour's Magnolia stellata has come into flower already and will look magnificent in about a weeks time. It grows in a very sheltered position and is a delight to see. Elsewhere there are buds appearing on everything, or thats how it seems. I can't wait.

Before dinner I took youngest daughter up to ride. It's only three miles away but sometimes even that seems to be too far. I wish the ponies were at home, we would save so much time...and so much petrol!!

The Robin was back in the tree at the end of the garden singing the evening in. Simon Cowell eat your heart out!

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