Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sitting here at 11.30 at night, darkness outside, everyone else tucked up in bed, I think that I must be crazy wanting to stay up for even a few moments longer in order to "Blog".
It's a Diary thing though, isn't it, and I've enjoyed keeping some kind of Journal on-and-off since I was very young. For whatever reason.
This morning my son managed to do the 'out-of-bed-food-teeth-clothes-grab-stuff-exit -to-work' thing in 30 mins flat, quite good for him! The girls and I still managed to leave 10 mins later than we should, again!! It's a 14 mile drive to school and we always pray that we don't get held up behind a lorry or tractor, or suchlike. As usual, all was ok, just, and I continued on to work - with Radio Four instead of music.
School was busy, lively, frustrating, amusing, annoying, challenging and the usual hive of activity it always is. I never seemed to have enough time to chat to colleagues today and really fancied a great big mug of hot chocolate by lunchtime. How is it the middle of March already? We only have three and a half weeks until the Easter Holidays...and I'm just not ready for that quite yet. The year is catapulting itself forward far too fast.
My two daughters went to visit their father tonight, they will stop over because of the distance, and he will run them to school in the morning. The house has been so very quiet without them, I have never really got used to them not being with me all the time. Because of this I went up to help my partner with the ponies tonight and on the way to the stables we saw this wonderful sunset. I took the shot through a hedge so that I had some contrast in the picture. I just loved the deep orangey red, it was like we were looking into the glowing embers of a fire.
Good night!

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  1. Another quite day at the coalface then?

    A surprisingly effective photo.